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Introducing Lifestyle Maternity Photography - Mini Sessions

July 31, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I'm really excited to be launching mini sessions for lifestyle maternity photography with a fantastic offer, which I'll get to later, but first I wanted to explain why I'm so passionate about maternity photography and why I'll be offering year round mini sessions even though they aren't something I normally offer.

I'm a mum of a very nearly 23 year old daughter and like lots of others I'm not especially comfortable being in front of the camera. Add to that being pregnant and all the feelings that brings with it I never gave a thought to having any pictures taken. I was pregnant pre mobile phones with cameras so the constant picture taking that we have now just didn't happen, it took more thought and effort, you needed to go and buy a film, find the camera that hadn't been used since the last holiday, finish the roll of film, send it off to Truprint and hope it didn't get lost. All of that, whilst pregnant, seemed a lot of effort so it didn't happen. Add to that the early weeks of feeling constantly sick, many weeks of feeling so tired I could cry and unflattering maternity wear (you just couldn't get stylish maternity wear then, shell suits were the height of fashion and mine grew with me for the first few months!!) and photographs just weren't on the agenda.

But now when I see beautiful lifestyle maternity images on Pinterest I really regret that I don't have one single picture of me with my bump. I can remember how I felt, I can remember how people reacted to my bump - I looked ready to give birth for a few weeks before I did - and I can remember how my bump was to look down at but I really have no concept of how I looked to anyone else. I know that I wouldn't have liked those pictures at the time, or soon afterwards when I'd lost most of my baby weight, but now all these years later I really wish I had them to remind me how I really looked.

So that's why I've decided to offer mini lifestyle maternity sessions, in the hope that I can help someone to one day look back and see how lovely they looked to the rest of the world when they were pregnant, even if they weren't feeling lovely. I know it's easy now to take a quick selfie - and I seriously hope every mum to be does that, and prints them so they have them forever - but that selfie is how you see yourself in the mirror, not how everyone else sees you.

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Lifestyle maternity sessions could be outdoors or at home, you could have pictures taken in the nursery and then the same ones with your baby - how cool would those be to pass on to your children as they grow up! Its a short session, 30-45 minutes, so not too strenuous and its very natural so no need to feel self concious or awkward. They are available on weekdays only, so ideally once maternity leave has started, and cost just £95 including three images.

But just for the summer I'm going to be offering a complimentary mini maternity session to anyone booking lifestyle newborn photography - and you can book at any time so you don't need to be having a baby in the summer to grab your complimentary shoot !

For more information and to download a Newborn Photography Welcome Guide please CLICK HERE.






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