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My Favourite Images (its all about the emotion) | Equine Lifestyle Photography in Cheshire

July 13, 2015  •  2 Comments

I'm sure I'm not the only photographer who has their personal favourite images from each photography session and I think we will all have our own, very different, reasons for those favourites. For some I'm sure that it will be the lighting or the composition or maybe a just so perfect pose.

I've been looking through some of my favourites recently, looking at the ones that really make my heart sing and stick in my mind, there's always a few in each shoot. Yesterday when I was choosing images for Hayley's blog post I realised what all my favourites have in common. It's all about the emotion, the connections and the love ! Yes the other things matter too, the light, the composition etc but the ones that really, really make my heart sing, the ones that I look at afterwards and think "THAT'S why I'm a photographer" are the ones that capture something far more intangible.  Equestrian_photography_cheshireEquestrian_photography_cheshireHorses and owners - equine lifestyle photography in Manchester and surrounding areas Of all my favourites (and there are many!) this is one that always leaps to mind. When I chatted to Hayley before the shoot she was telling me about her three horses Mary, Dancier and Fizz the pony. They are all special to Hayley and her family but Mary is extra special. Mary is 20 and Hayley has owned her since she was six and the instruction I was given for the shoot was "I just want one lovely picture of Mary & me". In the end there wasn't just the one, there were lots but this was THE one. This was the one that I knew from the moment I took it that it would be that special image, that this would be the one that went on the wall.

When I help my clients choose their images I never tell them I have favourites or which ones they are, I don't want my personal favourites to influence their choices but funnily enough they are almost always the ones that end up on the wall !

Here's a few more images from the shoot, I really do enjoy Mum and Daughter photoshoots with horses and when the other pets join in too its just perfect !

horse_photographer_manchesterhorse_photographer_manchesterEquine photography at stable yards in Manchester, Cheshire and Lancashire Horse_photography_hydeHorse_photography_hydeHorse and owner photography, Manchester Horse_photographer_mottramHorse_photographer_mottramEquine lifestyle photography with mum and daughter pet_photographer_manchesterpet_photographer_manchesterPet photography at home, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire. Dogs with their owners. equine_photography_hydeequine_photography_hydeEquine photography in Hyde, Mottram and surrounding areas Cheshire_horse_photographerCheshire_horse_photographerEquestrian Lifestyle photography in Cheshire, children and ponies.

Do you have a horse who is very special too ? I'm now taking bookings for August and September with some limited availability this month, if you'd like to have a chat about a photoshoot please visit the Contact Page & get in touch.


These moments are so powerful. There is nothing quite like the quiet, warm whoosh of breath coming out of those nostrils to refocus and revitalize.
Rebecca LaChance(non-registered)
Oh Janet...these are just lovely. And you are so right; the emotion between Hayley and Mary is completely palpable! This entire session is one big love fest between the ladies and their 4-legged friends.

I think it speaks to the beauty of your work that you are able to capture those soul connections.

No wonder they end up on the wall!
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