J Broughton Photography | Business Portraits With Personality - And Why You Shouldn't Use A Selfie

Business Portraits With Personality - And Why You Shouldn't Use A Selfie

March 03, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

We are living in an age where there are more photographs taken and shared than ever before. Virtually everyone carries a camera with them, in the form of their phone, almost constantly and everything is photographed endlessly from cups of coffee, to lunches and new outfits as seen in the mirror.

No doubt you are a social media user (lets face it you need to be if you are in business !) and when you post those quick phone snaps of yourself in your new outfit ready to go out, or with your new hair style or out for a meal with friends I'll bet you get loads of likes & comments (or hearts, favourites or +1's, whatever your preferred social media may be). Those comments will be really positive and no doubt some of them will say something along the lines of "amazing pic" or "fab shot", so if these images are so well liked they will make great profile pictures for your website and LinkedIn, right ? Well I hate to break it you but your friends aren't really praising your photography skills when they say "amazing pic" ! They just like your new outfit or think the place you are looks pretty cool, they may not even be that impressed really but want to say something nice.

The fact that so much imagery is now shared means that alongside the blurred snapshots there's also an incredible amount of stunning photography easily accessible, from highly polished images on Pinterest to fantastically creative work on Instagram. Chances are that your potential customers are seeing a steady stream of high quality imagery when they are online and when they look at a business online they have an almost subconscious expectation that they should be viewing quality images. So please don't use that selfie ! Or that picture from a great night out with your friends (mostly) cropped out ! Its sending out completely the wrong message to your potential customers.

Business portraits don't need to be stiff and formal, they can be if that's in keeping with your brand and your business, but they can also be much more relaxed and capture your personality whilst reflecting your business brand. These images are from a recent business portrait photoshoot with Miranda who is a style advisor.

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