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Taking To The Airwaves - BBC Radio Lancashire

February 09, 2015  •  2 Comments

I'm a little shocked and embarrassed to realise how long it is since my last blog post. I hadn't realised that my last post was as long ago as November but at least I'm breaking my silence with something a little different than usual & rather exciting (well exciting to me anyway!!).

For just over a year I've been working a photographic project to meet and photograph fifty people who have been so passionate about a hobby/interest that they have made a business or career from it. So far I've met some amazing people with all sorts of interesting businesses and all from very different backgrounds. Fifty Portraits has its own website www.fiftyportraits.co.uk and as each new person is added its shared around social media and is building quite a following. Be sure to pop across there and take a look and if you think you fit the bill and would like to be one of the fifty please get in touch - you can use the contact page here.

A couple of weeks ago I was really excited to receive a tweet from one of the BBC Radio Lancashire presenters to say he would love to have me on his afternoon show to chat about Fifty Portraits - well I have to say I jumped at the chance without thinking, its not every day you get to go on the radio & talk about something you love. Although it's probably a good job I didn't stop to think because that's when the nerves set in - would I stutter, would my mind go blank so I couldn't even remember my name, would I keep saying errrm, would I cough all the way through, would everyone understand my Bolton accent !!

So this week I went along to Blackburn for the John "Gilly" Gillmore show and as well as appearing on the show I also photographed Gilly for my project, his passion for radio became his career and he will be appearing on the blog as my 25th portrait, the halfway point reached in a little over twelve months.

Here are some of my "behind the scenes" images;

Fifty Portraits on Radio LancashireJAnet Broughton. Portrait photographer

Janet Broughton, BBC Radio Lancashire Janet Broughton, BBC Radio Lancashire Janet Broughton, BBC Radio Lancashire

So how did go ? Well none of the things I worried about happened and I really enjoyed, it was very relaxed, Gilly was lovely and very easy to chat to. I didn't say errm, go blank, cough or struggle for things to say - in fact I could have happily chatted all afternoon. We talked about my career change, my business, my Image of the Year Award (if you don't know all about that click here) and of course the Fifty Portraits project.

Having listened to it I have to say my voice doesn't sound anything like it does in my head, but I'm pretty sure everyone would have understood my Bolton accent - it was BBC Radio Lancashire after all !! If you'd like to hear it you can find a link here.


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