J Broughton Photography | Image of the Year 2013 | Guild of Photographers Award

Image of the Year 2013 | Guild of Photographers Award

February 02, 2014  •  9 Comments

2013 was an amazing year for me, my first full calendar year in business with new skills learned, confidence gained and wonderful new friends made. I joined the Guild of Photographers and was awarded a Gold Bar in one of their monthly competitions, that took me completely by surprise ! I'd been less than a year in business at the time, still struggling a little to accept that I was really a creative person and capable of making a success of a photography business - you need to know that I spent way too many years in accountancy to understand that struggle ! But at the same time I was totally passionate about my photography and completely determined that I would succeed, that Gold Bar really did boost my confidence and I really believed that it would be the biggest achievement I could ever make.

Which is probably why I've spent this weekend feeling totally shell shocked .....

Just a week ago I found out that my Gold Bar image was on a short list of 22 images that were in the running for the Image Of The Year Award with two separate categories the Members Choice and the Judges Choice. That was a short list of 22 from 10,000 images, I was over the moon with that, couldn't ask for anything better and off I went to the awards evening on Friday, happy as larry with what I'd achieved.

I was, to say the least, stunned when my name was called out as the winner of the Members Choice award and I was even more amazed when I was also announced as winner of the Judges Choice !

Guild of Photographers Images of the YearChildrens Fine Art Portrait Photography

A few people have asked whether the end result is what I'd set out to achieve in the image - the answer is yes, mostly !

I'd decided that I wanted to explore a more "Fine Art" sort of style to portrait photography, children in particular. I knew that I wanted the images to be black and white and that I was looking for an intense engagement with the camera that would possibly reveal more of a person than a more usual smiling portrait would. I appealed on my Facebook page for volunteers and Lydia's mum got in touch to say that Lydia is interested in modelling as a career and that she would love to be involved. Lydia very much had the serene sort of look I wanted and proved to be a fantastic model as well as a lovely girl. The one thing that I hadn't set out to do was involve the dog but once I saw Zac I knew I wanted to try. I think I totally underestimated the impact that adding the dog and having him adopt the same sort of pose would have on the final image though ! 

Now that I've had time to recover from the shock I have to say I am incredibly proud to have won both of the Image Of The Year Awards and I really do believe that this is the biggest achievement I can make in my photography.

Well 2014 has got off to the most amazing start, lets hope its a sign of great things ahead :)





Sarah-Jane field(non-registered)
Wow! Congratulations. You must be very proud. What a great story to read. Love your intentions. Have you seen a woman called Abi Campbell's website? She is doing something similar.
Alexandra Davies(non-registered)
Huge congratulations Janet, it's a stunning image and a well deserved award. What a fantastic start to 2014 :)
Nina Mace(non-registered)
A fantastic image Janet really well deserved :-) Nina
Sam Hayward(non-registered)
Well deserved Janet, great shot.
Janet really well deserved x
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