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Bespoke Wedding Photography, Bolton, Lancashire

January 08, 2014  •  5 Comments

One of my many New Years resolutions is to blog more so I thought I'd start the year with these wonderfully individual bride and groom portraits. I've always advertised that my wedding photography packages are bespoke and can be tailored to individuals needs, I love the idea of couples doing their own thing and it certainly doesn't get more bespoke than this one !

Leonora got in touch to say that her and Dave were getting married and having a very small intimate mid week wedding that had been arranged in a short space of time. They were relying on a couple of friends photographing the wedding for them but they wanted something very special and personal to be photographed by a professional - I just need to give a word of warning here, please, please be very careful before accepting a well meaning friend's offer to shoot your wedding, there's much more to it than having an expensive camera. Your wedding photos are the longest lasting memento of the day so if they aren't experienced please consider a professional even if it means choosing someone who offers a part day package to keep the costs down. Anyway, lecture over, back to Leonora & Dave. I was ridiculously excited by Leonora's suggestion of booking me for a bride & groom portrait session in the middle of their wedding day, they slipped away after the ceremony and I met them at a friends house so that we could all be taken through the fields in the back of a land rover to a local beauty spot where they love to walk their dogs.

It was fantastic fun to do something so individual and personal, Leonora and Dave loved it too even though they got one or two puzzled looks from local dog walkers ! It's so hard to choose just a few images to share but here is a small selection - if you look closely you can see the church where they were married in the background.

Bolton_wedding_photographerBolton_wedding_photographer Wedding_photography_lancashireWedding_photography_lancashire Bespoke_wedding_photographyBespoke_wedding_photography


If you're planning you're wedding at the moment and are doing something quirky and a little unconventional why not get in touch and we can talk about photographing your wedding in a way that suits you.


Great images Janet! What a lovely and different thing to do!
Great to see our photos on your site Janet; we love them and will never forget what a great time we had having them taken, which you captured so well.
J Broughton Photography
Thanks for the kind words Barbara & Joanne - Barbara you are very right, they loved them :)
I love how individual these images are Janet. Bespoke and boutique is totally your style. I hope they loved them as much as I think they did!
I love it when couples take time out on their wedding day to be together. It shows how perfect this time is in the images. Captured beautifully Janet.
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