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Baby Massage in Cheshire

September 10, 2013  •  1 Comment

I was really excited to be invited to photograph a lovely baby massage class recently for Katie of MamaBabyBliss Cheshire East. I hadn't seen a baby massage class in action before and was really impressed, it was a lovely supportive atmosphere and the babies seemed to really relax by the end as you will see by the image at the end of the post !

Katie is full of knowledge and enthusiasm for baby massage and yoga and leads the class by demonstrating the massage techniques on a doll while the mums massage their babies.

Baby massage, Cheshire

Katie kindly answered a few questions about the classes - if you would like to know more you can contact Katie via her Facebook Page.

Q-  When did you decide to become a baby massage & yoga teacher and what prompted your decision ?

Katie - Having been a nanny for 18yrs and working so closely with families and an unexpected redundancy in September 2013 I wanted to expand my knowledge, furthering my career, but I discovered something more than that, something that I absolutely love, and love sharing, thanks to an intensive course via Mamababybliss and the fabulous Justina Perry. The best way to describe it is a breath of fresh air and a 'shoulder release'

Q- Does being part of MamaBabyBliss bring benefits to your mums & babies ?

Katie - absolutely, 'mamababybliss' was founded by a mother who suffered from post-natal depression with her first born, so everything that we teach within our classes benefits both mum and baby! Being an associate teacher of an award winning brand not only gives recognition but there is a huge support within our teacher group. Justina has emphasised that associate teachers are not franchisees (as we are not) but individuals that love to share benefits and help new mums by providing advice and a sharing group.

Q- What is the ideal age for baby massage ?

Katie - From day one babies benefit from being massaged. Touch is a babies first language, which is developed within the womb before birth. The positive touch develops babies emotional intelligence, and the nerve endings within the sensitive touch receptors are stimulated.

Baby photography Chesire


Q-  What are the benefits of baby massage ?

Katie - There are endless benefits to baby massage , I could go on forever, but I will stick to the physical, within baby, massage develops muscle tone, will eliminate symptoms of wind pain, colic, and other digestive symptoms, promotes bonding between baby and carer.

Baby photography Wilmslow

Q- Are there other benefits that are less obvious? It seemed to me whilst I was photographing the class that it was a really supportive environment for the mums.

Katie - yes there are, through our training at Mamababybliss we not only pamper the new babies, we look after the new mums too, often a time where they forget themselves and juggle too many pots, we believe in looking after and taking care of mum too, after all a happy mummy means a happy family, mum needs to remember that and be selfish every so often.

Q- Can you tell us a little about your baby yoga classes and whether that has different benefits to the massage classes ?

Katie -baby yoga is a fantastic follow on to massage, yoga promotes post natal recovery, relaxes mums, benefits co-ordination, and neural development in babies, but most of all it is so much fun! Mums can also benefit from a 15 minute visualised relaxation at the end of the class!

A massive thanks Katie for telling me all about your classes !

Katie - We love the mums, dads and babies and offer help advice and a fun relaxed environment for all new parents! I LOVE SHARING MY JOB XX

And if you needed any reassurance that baby massage really does help babies, just look how chilled this little fella was after his session !

I've really enjoyed sharing this quick insight into Katie's business and the benefits of Baby Massage and Yoga, don't forget you can contact Katie via her Facebook Page or through MamaBabyBliss (just click to follow the link).



Janet, your pictures are once again fantastic!!! And thank you for this blog, I could have said so much more! But your pictures tell the story xx
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