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Fine Art Portraits with Eloise

May 24, 2013  •  2 Comments

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Eloise and her Mum for a Fine Art Portrait session, at just four Eloise is really at the youngest of the age range these sessions are suitable for but she was a fantastic little model as you can see from this selection of images.


Although Eloise was great at making eye contact without smiling (which is exactly the look that we were aiming for) I think my favourite image was this one, taken as she looked down for just a moment I was aiming to show her beautiful dark eyelashes but she looks so quiet and thoughtful !


I'm also really pleased to say that after entering this into the Guild of Photographers competition I won another National Award with it !


The image where she's looking straight at you is beautiful. It's such a statement piece - love it
Congratulations Janet. Love the shot of her looking down also.
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