A Boy with a Beautiful Smile - Family Photoshoot Lancashire

March 05, 2013  •  2 Comments

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Isaac, who is two and a bit, along with twin brother Ethan, big brother Jake and of course Mum and Dad. Isaac is a bit of a celebrity and I first "met" him on Twitter (yes, he's a little a young I know, Dad helps!) where he tweets as @Izzysbusy and has an ever growing following ! Isaac is a cerebral palsy sufferer and also has a tracheostomy and his parents are working really hard to raise awareness of his condition and challenge people's preconceptions of disability and I hope that in some little way these images can help. To find out more about Isaac you can visit his very own website www.izzysbusy.org.uk

Generally speaking on a shoot, especially with three boys, I love to get outdoors however Isaac's disability meant that this was much more suited to be an indoor shoot but that didn't mean there wasn't the opportunity for some great shots of this lovely family.

Family photoshoot Lancashire

As for Isaac himself now that I've met him there's one thing that imediately springs to mind when I think of him, its not that fact that he has cerebral palsy and a trachy, its not that he has limited movement and can't communicate vocally - the one thing that lingers in my mind about Isaac is his smile:

Family photography Lancashire

It's a smile that lights up his face and makes his eyes sparkle, it's a smile of genuine pleasure that just gets bigger until his eyes almost disappear ! Isaac's message is to see the child and not the disabilty and I really hope that everyone reading this post sees his beautiful smile too :)


Lovely work Janet, and what a gorgeous boy!
What a gorgeous family. You've captured them beautifully x
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